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Dr Ranjan Kumar Behera

Professor Power Electronics Circuits, Control of Electrical ... View Profile

Dr Maheshkumar H Kolekar

Associate Professor Digital Signal, Image and Video Processing, Video ... View Profile

Dr Preetam Kumar

Associate Professor 5G & 6G Communication, Physical Layer issues in Wi... View Profile

Dr Sanjoy Kumar Parida

Associate Professor Optimal Operation and Control of Power Systems, El... View Profile

Dr Shovan Bhaumik

Associate Professor Statistical signal processing, Non linear estimati... View Profile

Dr Sumanta Gupta

Associate Professor Digital Signal Processing for Communication, Coher... View Profile

Dr Rajib Kumar Jha

Associate Professor Image and Video Processing, Multimedia application... View Profile

Dr Kailash chandra Ray

Associate Professor VLSI architectural design, VLSI Signal Processing,... View Profile

Dr Jawar Singh

Associate Professor Semiconductor Devices, Microelectronics, VLSI, Mod... View Profile

Dr Yatendra Kumar Singh

Associate Professor RF MEMS, Computational Electromagnetics... View Profile

Dr Pramod Kumar Tiwari

Associate Professor Semiconductor device modeling, Simulations,Nanosca... View Profile

Dr Ahmad Ali

Assistant Professor Control Systems, Evolutionary algorithms, New tuni... View Profile

Dr Aneek Adhya

Assistant Professor Physical layer impairment-aware WDM backbone netwo... View Profile

Dr Sudhir Kumar

Assistant Professor Wireless Sensor Networks, Internet of Things (IoT)... View Profile

Dr Saurabh Kumar Pandey

Assistant Professor Optoelectronics Devices, Semiconductor thin films,... View Profile

Dr S. Sivasubramani

Assistant Professor Power System Optimization, Smart Grid... View Profile