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Dr Manabendra Pathak

Professor Computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer, Tu... View Profile

Dr Mayank Tiwari

Associate Professor Tribology, Vacuum, Rotor dynamics, Acoustics... View Profile

Dr Akhilendra Singh

Associate Professor FEM, XFEM, Meshfree Method, Computational Mechanic... View Profile

Dr Karali Patra

Associate Professor Smart materials and smart systems, Micromachining,... View Profile

Dr Probir Saha

Associate Professor Conventional and non-conventional machining, Weldi... View Profile

Dr Somnath Sarangi

Associate Professor Continuum Mechanics... View Profile

Dr Sudhansu Sekhar Panda

Associate Professor Tool condition monitoring, Soft Computing, Metal C... View Profile

Dr Subrata  Kumar

Associate Professor Heat transfer, Laser Material Processing, Flow of ... View Profile

Dr Bachu Anilkumar

Assistant Professor Public Transportation Systems, Traveler Informatio... View Profile

Dr Ramakrishna Bag

Assistant Professor Toxic waste disposal, Unsaturated soil mechanics, ... View Profile

Dr Anirban Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor Incremental sheet metal forming, Rapid prototyping... View Profile

Dr Vishal Deshpande

Assistant Professor Open channel hydraulics, Sediment transport, Turbu... View Profile

Dr Amarnath Hegde

Assistant Professor Geotechnical Engineering, Ground Improvement, Comp... View Profile

Dr Syed K. K. Hussaini

Assistant Professor Rail Track Geotechnology, Cyclic Behavior of Granu... View Profile

Dr Murshid Imam

Assistant Professor Additive Manufacturing, Plastic Deformation, Super... View Profile

Dr Anirban Mahato

Assistant Professor Manufacturing processes; Materials Processing; Tri... View Profile

Dr Deepu P

Assistant Professor Hydrodynamic stability, Bio-physical aerodynamics,... View Profile

Dr Surajit Kumar Paul

Assistant Professor Computational plasticity, fatigue and fracture, sh... View Profile

Dr Om Prakash

Assistant Professor Water Resource Systems Engineering; Hydrological a... View Profile

Dr Trishikhi Raychoudhury

Assistant Professor Environmental Engineering (Colloid Filtration, Sol... View Profile

Dr Koushik Roy

Assistant Professor Structural Damage Detection, Vibration Control, Sy... View Profile

Dr Chiranjit Sarkar

Assistant Professor Magnetorheological (MR) Fluids and Devices, Tribol... View Profile

Dr Vaibhav Singhal

Assistant Professor Seismic behavior of reinforced concrete and masonr... View Profile

Dr Atul Thakur

Assistant Professor Presently, I direct Mechatronics, Instrumentation... View Profile

Dr Sudhir Varma

Assistant Professor Characterization of pavement materials, constituti... View Profile